Saying Your Name: 4 Ways to Reduce Stutters

People who stutter often face difficulties in saying their name. Here are 4 methods you can follow to say your name more fluently and confidently.

1. Program Your Mind — Understand the Power of Your Name

“Words have meaning and names have power.”

2. Use the “Easy Onset” Method to Say Your Name

In this method, we first need to reduce the tension in our articulators. We start our speech with relaxed muscles and slowly stretch out the vowel sound each word begins with.

3. Use the Light Articulatory Contact Method To Stutter Less When You Say Your Name

Words starting with /b/, /t/, /k/, /g/, /p/ and /d/ require hard movement of the tongue and lips. While saying these words, our vocal tract can be blocked and the airflow may stop. These are called plosive or occlusive sounds.

4. Practice Enough to Get Noticeable Results

These steps won’t work unless you do the work. The key to fluency is patience, dedication, and practice.

Remember, Only You Can Define Yourself

The “altered way” of saying your name may sound unnatural at first. But remember, the difficulty you face while saying your name is no cause for shame. Some people might not react in an encouraging manner.



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